Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chapter 2: Open For Business

It was time for the first meeting of the year for the faculty and staff of The University.

The conference room

“We're officially ready for a new year.” Mr. Kavendish, the founder of The University, said. “How many new students this year, Sarah?”

Sarah, the dean of Everyone, Everything, and Everywhere, checked her clipboard. “We have ten new students joining us.”

“I knew our website was going to be useful. That's double the number of new students we had last year.” Dr. Antoine, the head of the Science and Technology department, said.

“Oh, that is wonderful.” Mrs. Kavendish said, straightening down her dress. “I just hope the newcomers don't leave without a word like half of the new ones did last year.”

“Robb and I studied psychology over the summer, Mrs. Kavendish, so we'll be taking care of the students in our care.” Bert, one of the dorm owners, said.

“Oh, that is wonderful.” Mrs. Kavendish said running her hand through her hair.

“Uh, sorry, but what about in the sewer system.” Donny, the janitor, asked.

“Sarah and I decided to include them in my survival course; not getting mauled by them will be a requirement for passing the class. That should be an incentive for the students to be more careful.” Roberta, the head of the Survival and Self Defense department, said.  

Big, scary monster

“Good idea, Roberta. Now, where are Leonid and Giacomo, Sarah?” Mr. Kavendish asked.

“Leonid is out buying supplies for his “Rare Lifeforms” Course.” Sarah said. “As usual, he's late, and Giacomo is at the Ponder Truth Institute for a conference, but he should be back in time for the first day of his “The True Truth” Course.”

Leonid and Giacomo are away

“Oh, that is wonderful.” Mrs. Kavendish said, adjusting her glasses.

“First thing tomorrow morning we open the doors of The University to the students.” Mr. Kavendish said. “So I suggest everyone get a good night sleep tonight since I'm sure we have another busy semester ahead. With our 10 new arrivals, we're going to have 56 students, and we need to be well-rested and alert to handle them.”

“I agree. So everyone, meeting adjourned. See you all tomorrow morning at the opening ceremony.” Sarah said before they all left the room for one last night of peace and quiet.

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