Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chapter 3: The Arrival

Imogen became quite excited when she saw the castle-like exterior of The University, but all of that faded once she was told by a stuttering, orange haired man wearing a name tag that read “Donny the janitor”, that she had to climb a cliff in order to get to her dorm.

Meeting Donny

Climbing a steep cliff with her luggage strapped to her back was no easy feat for someone as out of shape as Imogen, but after what seemed like hours (and probably was) she reached the top.

The Cliff

All her hard work nearly went to waste when she almost fell backwards over the ridge after seeing two large cat-human hybrids waving enthusiastically at her from the entrance to a mansion, which she assumed must be the dorm.

Imogen cursed her parents, and with a fake smile pasted on her face approached the two creatures.

“Hello and welcome to our home!” The larger of the two said. “Of course, this is also going to be your home for the duration of your stay at The University.”

“Um, thank you.” Imogen said tentatively.

The Brothers

“You must be our resident albino. We were very excited to hear that one would be living with us this year.” The smaller of the two said.

Imogen groaned quietly; being an albino wasn't something she cherished. However, she had not been raised to be rude so—against her better judgment—she extended her hand, “I'm Imogen.”

“Oh yes, of course, introductions, we always forget that part.” The smaller one said again, ignoring Imogen's hand. “I'm Bert, and this is my brother, Robb. We are the dorm owners.”

“And you must be very tired after your climb.” The larger one, Robb, said. “We'll direct you to your room. I believe your roommate is already here.”

“Roommate?” Imogen was horrified. She, a 30 year old woman, was far too old for a roommate.

“Of course! We don't want our students to ever feel lonely.” Bert said, handing Imogen a key. “You're in room 307. Just go up the stairs to the third floor and turn right.”

“Okay, thank you, I guess.” Imogen said before heading to her room.

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