Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chapter 4: The Daughter of God

The first thing Imogen saw when she opened the door to her dorm room was her roommate's back. She breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of normal long brown hair and a normal pink jacket.

“Hello.” Imogen said.

Imogen was a lot less relieved when her roommate turned around to reveal a pregnant, scantily clad woman with a huge smile and a big cross around her neck.

“Hello! You must be my new roommate. Robb and Bert told me you were an albino.” The woman said a little louder than necessary.

Imogen swallowed a groan and forced a smile. “Yes, I'm Imogen Jones.” She extended her hand.

Her roommate grabbed her hand, and shook it enthusiastically. “Hi Imogen, I'm Jesusette Christ.”

“Jesusette?” Imogen couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the strange name.

“Yes, I was named after my brother, the all time do-gooder, Jesus.” Jesusette said.

“Your brother is named Jesus Christ? Like the Son of God?” Imogen asked.

Jesusette stepped back and looked carefully at Imogen. “What do you mean, like the Son of God? My brother is the Son of God.”

Oh, wonderful, a nutter, Imogen thought to herself. “So, that makes you the Daughter of God?” Imogen asked, trying hard to sound serious.

Naturally.” Jesusette answered.

“And you're pregnant with God's grandchild?”

Jesusette sighed, “Yes, and you would think daddy would be happy about some new blood after a couple of thousand years, but no, he said it was scandalous. And Jesus, the all time merciful, completely agreed with daddy. I hate them both.She huffed.

Um, so, what are you doing here?” Imogen asked. She decided to play along.

“Daddy is very good friends with Giacomo, the rare lifeforms professor, and he told dad that coming to The University would help me become a responsible adult.”

“I was forced by my parents to come here, too.” Imogen said.

Imogen's roommate might have been completely bonkers but at least they had one thing in common: Horribly overbearing parents.

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